My JC Locust: Arctic Fox
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Rolling road

On Saturday 11th December, I had the opportunity to take the Locust to a rolling road, at RE:Worx, which is situated 5 doors away from where we rebuilt it.

During the test, we found out that one of the wheels had become warped - possibly as a result of an incident where I swerved to avoid a deer that was standing in the middle of the road, and ended up sliding at 90° to the normal direction of travel at around 50mph - about 40cm of mud had pressed against the whole side of the car as it slid. I didn't notice it until it was on the rolling road (so it couldn't have been that bad).

As a test, we swapped the front and rear wheel, but it was still wobbling around. As a result, the dyno couldn't get an accurate reading, and we aborted, pending replacement of the wheels (and halfshafts if necessary).

New wheels

The new wheels are a different colour to the earlier ones - they're titanium coloured. They turned up on 23rd December:

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