My JC Locust: Arctic Fox
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People who helped (sometimes beyond the call of duty)

Funkenblitz - this is Peter Robert's company, specialising in VW Beetle stuff. He did pretty much all of the work on this car (with me watching on, making tea and holding things). I met him when I bought my RW Karma. He doesn't want to do another one of these, but definately deserves the first mention.

Quaife Engineering - after I bought the differential and found it was the wrong type for my car, they swapped the inner spline fittings free of charge.

Pressco Precision Engineering - they made the adaptors for the wheels and original propshaft, the gearstick bar and also provided some raw engineering materials (mainly bolts - especially obscure ones).

Ian and Joy (my next door neighbours) - they allowed me to use their garage to paint my car, and are also (still) looking after my engine hoist.

Paul Butcher - for picking up the car and taking it down to Portsmouth when I first bought it. He hasn't seen it yet... (actually, he hasn't created a web site yet either!)

Locust web sites

The Locust Enthusiasts Club - I have been a member since April 2004, after meeting them at Stoneleigh.

More specialist parts

Demon Tweeks - I bought a lot of things from them, mostly large mechanical parts such as the carburettors, differential and front indicators.

Europa Spares - the seats, steering wheel and rear lights were bought from them.

Woolies Trim - carpet and miscellaneous parts of the interior.

Bernard Newbury - I got most of the Autometer gauges from him (although these were originally for the Karma).

Premier Wiring - my headlamps come from these people, as well as the LED rear bulbs.

VW SpeedShop - fuel pump.

Serck Intertruck - recoring the radiator (and subsequently repairing it after a hole was accidentally welded into it), and new oil cooler.

Reco-prop - building a new propshaft for me.

Express Paints - silver and black paint for body & wings.

Top Gear - new wheels.

H&E Car Spares - Ford Fiesta steering columns, and other donor parts.

H. Fisher - hole cutters, bolts, nuts, washers.

Cromwell Tools - miscellaneous tools.

Real Steel - the water temperature gauge was bought from them.

Farnell Electronics - sealing tape, tell-tale lights, connectors and wire (for the wiring loom).

Rally Design - for the quick-shift kit.

General parts

Halfords - engine, gearbox and differential oil, water pipes, windscreen wash and antifreeze.

A.R.E. Limited - exhaust gaskets, front wheel bearings, rear drums.

Camberley Motor Factors - front calipers, front discs, rear shoes.

Mig Tig Arc - cutting discs and welding materials.

People who didn't help

Royal Mail - for loosing my propshaft (how on earth can you do that?) when I sent it to Reco-prop. And then taking 4 months to reply.

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